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Sunday, 19 July 2015


Long Distance Journeys: track 3
Vocals & lyrics: Charlotte Francis
Piano: Richard Westwood

Some songs belong to a specific time or event, emotion or person, while others seem to quietly drift in to a band's life. For myself, Memories was the latter. I can't remember much about writing Memories (the irony!) or hearing Charlotte's demos- probable because the song came together really quickly with little fuss or bother; but I can remember the time we spent recording Memories in the studio.

We'd finished tracking the vocals and Charlotte came up with a haunting melody that sounded like Kate Bush singing with The Unthanks. One of us suggested that this vocal would sound amazing if it echoed over the crashing piano chords of the middle eighth. After a few minutes of studio trickery I knew we had our song.

Charlotte and Mark transformed Memories from a ballad I was really proud of in to a genuinely haunting track I absolutely love- they really are awesome people to work with.



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