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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Rivers and Steams

Rivers and Streams 
Long Distance Journeys: track 2 
Vocals & lyrics: Charlotte Francis 
Piano and string arrangement: Richard Westwood

We recorded Extra Mile in November 2014 and I remember being blown away by Charlotte's piano playing. I knew I had to record piano to a much higher standard if Lost Winter were to evolve as a band. About a month later a water pipe burst in town and we were all sent home for the day. The house was empty so I plugged my midi keyboard in to my Mac and wrote Rivers and Streams in about ten minutes. I remember being really proud of the results and knowing that whatever we did next this song would be a part of that story. 

I think this track went on to set the tone for the whole album and it opened new horizons for me musically. Without Rivers and Streams I doubt Long Distance Journeys would exist and it's really all down to watching Charlotte play piano (and a burst water pipe). 



P.s. We have just heard the amazing news that Alan Raw at BBC Introducing In West Yorkshire will be playing Rivers And Streams 1/08/2015 from 8pm onwards. We are beyond proud to have this honour and it is a huge confidence boost. Thank you Alan and team for supporting our music. 

Listen to BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire 01/08/2015

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