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Monday, 27 July 2015

Walking Mind

Walking Mind
Long Distance Journeys: track 5

Vocals & words: Charlotte Francis

Piano and string arrangement: Richard Westwood

Walking Mind was the fifth of fourteen demos we wrote for Long Distance Journeys. It was written after endless hours of listening to the vinyl reissues of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' back catalogue, particulary The Boatman's Call and No More Shall We Part. Nick Cave is an underrated pianist, I love his economical style of playing and his beautiful melodies (check out Your Funeral My Trial). Throughout the process of writing Long Distance Journeys I've tried to learn all I can from Cave. Musically, I suppose Walking Mind is my attempt to write a 'Boatman's Call' song, I've probably failed in that respect, but Walking Mind is one of our favourite tracks on the album.

Around February or March I sent Charlotte the demo for what became known as Walking Mind (I love the title-nice one, Charlotte!) but the song was structured as an instrumental (which is how I write music.) After almost losing patience with the track, Charlotte suggest a few minor adjustments that gave her melodies and lyrics the space they needed. I remember being stunned when I heard her demo, there was a new depth and confidence to her lyrics- inspiration from her pregnancy, no doubt. I never asked Charlotte about the meaning of Walking Mind, but I'm sure we can all take some comfort from her beautiful words. 


14/06/2015 & 25/07/2015.

P.s. Thank you David and the team at Under The Radar for supporting our record and this track, Walking Mind. We have fond memories of writing this album and hearing the songs on the radio really does make this a special time in our lives. 

Listen to Under The Radar 26/07/2015

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