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Monday, 20 July 2015

You Are The One

You Are The One
Long Distance Journeys: track 4
Vocals & lyrics: Charlotte Francis
Bass, keys, piano and string arrangement: Richard Westwood 

This was the first song we wrote for Long Distance Journeys. At heart, its a very simple four-chord track with slight variations in style between verse and chorus. Charlotte wrote a lovely melody and I was confident the song was ready for the studio. When we started recording You Are The One it was clear that this track was going to be more stubborn than I ever imagined! 

After a couple of takes things weren't really going to plan and I began to get a little anxious about whether the song would work out or not. So we edited the structure of the music and vocals, chopping out the second half of verse two and sections of the chorus. Later we added a simple string track, bass guitar, organ and percussion and the song really came alive. Not only did we have a blast deconstructing and reconstucting You Are The One but we also created a song we are all proud of. 


15/06/2015 & 16/07/2015

P.s. We'd like to send a huge thank you to David at Under The Radar for playing this track and supporting our band. We are huge fans of his show and it is always an honour to be considered for the playlist. 

Listen to Under The Radar 19/07/2015

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