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Monday, 10 August 2015

Hold On

Hold on
Long Distance Journeys: track 6
Vocals and words: Charlotte Francis
Piano: Richard Westwood 
String arrangement: Richard Westwood and Mark Sturgess
As well as Nick Cave, I'd spent the previous summer listening to Gruff Rhys' amazing American Interior LP (as well as watching the film, reading the book and downloading the app. In fact, the only thing I missed out on was the T-shirt!!). Rhys' uplifting melodies inspired Lost Winter to write a song that would show a different side of our music. In the past we've written mainly Electronic songs; however, Hold On is pure Indie-Pop. I hope Hold On adds a light hearted voice to the stripped back emotional intensity of Long Distance Journeys.  
Although Hold On was one of the last demos we completed for Long Distance Journeys it was recorded on the first day of the recording sessions with Mark Sturgess at Soundstation in Wakefield. By the late afternoon, Charlotte had already recorded an incredible five vocal tracks (and backing vocals) and this was the last song scheduled for the day. We were all feeling a little tired, especially Charlotte, but she negotiated the song's tricky chord changes and key change to track a flawless vocal. I'm also happy to say that Hold On is my wife's favourite song from Long Distance Journeys. 

19/06/2015 & 28/07/2015

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